Tatiana, 55 år., Kroatien, Zagreb
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Svarsrate: 83%
Förnamn: Tatiana
Ålder: 55
Plats: Kroatien, Zagreb
Stjärntecken: Kräfta
Vikt: 66kg
Längd: 170cm
Ögonfärg: Blå
Hårfärg: Mörkblond
Kroppstyp: Smal(slank)
Rökvanor: Aldrig
Dryckesvanor: Ibland (Socialt)
Sovvanor: Jag är en uggla (Jag gillar att gå upp sent)
Med information:
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Har du barn?:
33 år. Flicka, bor inte hemma
Engelska 2 (Grundläggande)
Serbiska 2 (Grundläggande)
Ryska 5 (Flytande)
Civilstånd: I pågående skilsmässa
Vill ha barn: Nej
Är du villig att flytta?:
Jag är villig att flytta till ett annat land
Dina prioriteringar i livet:
Familj, långsiktigt förhållande
Inre harmoni
I min bostad: En bil
Var bor du?: Jag har ingen egen bostad
Vad anser du om resekostnader: Jag är inte beredd att betala
Utbildning: Kandidatexamen
Vilken religion tror du på?: Andlig men inte religiös
Ålder: 55 - 70
Land: Västeuropa, Östeuropa, Nordamerika, Latinamerika, Australien
Vikt: från 74.91 kg
Längd: från 175 cm
Er det i orden at de har barn?: Ja, men dom bor inte hos mig/oss
Drinkar: Ibland (Socialt)
Önskad etnicitet: Vit/europeisk

Svar på några frågor

Hur skulle du beskriva dig själv?
I have already escaped from Russia!!
I will explain, because many did not understand - after 02/24/2022 I took with me only the most necessary things that fit in my car. All my past life, work, friends, things, etc. remained there, i ready to start a new life from scratch. I'm not looking for any freebies, the priority is a relationship with a person with whom we will be on the same wavelength.
Hur skulle du beskriva din idealpartner?
I would like to go on a trip with a person who:
- considers himself (or better – he is) accomplished and happy;
- I am sure that he is a man, which a priori makes him stronger and more confident than a woman;
- able to get ready in a couple of hours and fly to any country in the world, casually solving everyday issues for those who stay to wait for him at home;
- understands the equal value of a cup of ice cream, the latest McLauren model and mutual punctuality;
- despite the sense of self-importance, confirmed by diplomas, regalia and Nobel prizes, he will be able to pour bitter medicine into the cat's mouth;
- can equally easily organize and carry out a grocery shopping trip, a night outing to a nearby park, a weekend trip to Europe or a trip around the world;
- he makes any decisions based on his own needs and feelings, taking into account the desires and capabilities of the partner;
- knows how to distinguish nails, screws, screws and nuts, and sees independently where it makes sense to put into practice a hammer, drill and screwdriver (or other tools appropriate in different situations). I would like the words "battery, carburetor, power surge and gasket for a water tap" not to drive him into a sacred awe;
- with equal pleasure, he eats a rack of lamb with cranberry sauce and store-bought dumplings, and is also able to cook intermediate versions of these dishes on his own;
- he knows for sure that Monet and Manet are two different people, and not a typo in Wikipedia;
- knows how to operate a yacht, an airplane, a bicycle, a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, an iron and a dust cloth;
- enjoys both active recreation of various types, and excursions, "seal" lying on the sand, safari parks, leisurely walks in the evenings;
- can "on the fingers" explain to the teenager the methods of integral calculus, the water cycle in nature, and where the electricity goes from the wire at the moment when the switch is put in the "off" position;
- does not make a tragedy of universal scale either from the temperature of 37.2, or from the global economic crisis;
- knows that romance is present in life regardless of the path traveled side by side;
- he tries to remember that his companion loves coffee and lilacs, and does not bring her meat pies and cacti with maniacal persistence;
- I am sure that the numbers in the passport are just some symbols invented by mankind to streamline the chronology, and not obstacles in order to commit this or that act;
- can listen, hear and speak.

With all these tasks, I and my rather adult and very independent daughter have been coping quite easily and successfully for several years. In addition (this will be aerobatics), I timidly hope that there is someone in the world who understands that "a man who gave his woman wings will never wear horns (with)."

It seems to me that the one who has read this text to the end (and, moreover, decided to answer) has a good sense of humor. This quality of a fellow traveler is very desirable. And then it will absolutely not matter where we plan to go – on foot around the world, to the moon, to the warm sea or on the road called "life".
Om jorden gick under om 30 dagar, vad skulle du göra?
Most people have a wish that can be fulfilled before the end of the week, and they make it a lifelong dream.
I am absolutely real, I am ready to meet with an interesting man anywhere on this planet and I have a lot of free time. Aren't you tired of sitting here for years? let's agree - you write me only if you are ready to meet THIS summer, OK? I am not stealing Your time, and You - mine))
Om du hade 10 miljoner dollar att spendera, vad skulle du göra?
I do not have that much money, but I need much less))
Hur ofta och av vem frågar du om råd?
I did not consult with anyone, except his conscience.
Vilken egenskap värderar du högst hos människor av ditt kön?
Vilken egenskap värderar du högst hos människor av motsatt kön?
Reliability, generosity, determination. Hardness.
A woman belongs to a man who has freed her from the habit of relying only on herself in this life.
Vad är den senaste stora händelsen i ditt liv och hur har den påverkat dig?
I took my feet out of Russia. Now I'm in Croatia, but I'm ready to follow my Man to any part of the world))
Vilket är det bästa rådet du skulle ge dina barn?
Life is too short to spend it on diets, greedy men and a bad mood.
Vad har orsakat det största intrycket (chock) hos dig?
In light of what is happening now, my advice is to hurry up and live!!! In 2020-21, I traveled more than in the previous 10 years))
Vad är dina mål just nu?
Begin to live, learn to be happy
Vilka egenskaper tycker du sämst om hos människor av motsatt kön?
I do not like men with wrinkled ass))
Vad skulle du vilja förändra hos dig själv?
My name is Tatiana (Tanya, Tanechka, Tanyushka). You address me by name, I answer. OK?
I believe in the omen - "As you meet the New Year, so you will spend it!" and therefore I have been meeting him on trips for many years. Would you like to suggest a joint route this time?
"Most people have a dream that can be realized before the end of the week, and they make it a dream of a lifetime."
I am ready to meet with an interesting man anywhere on this planet and I have a lot of free time. Aren't you tired of sitting here for years? let's agree - you write me only if you are ready to meet THIS summer, OK? I will not waste Your time, and You - mine))
Dear Men, I love you very much! I understand English well, but it's easier to write in my native language! Thanks for understanding!
Hur uppfattar dina vänner dig?
My friends consider me a very open and sincere person who knows how to be faithful.
Hur uppfattar dina bekanta dig?
They think I'm strong, and it's bad ((
Vilka är dina favoritförfattare och poeter?
Иосиф Бродский
Vilken typ av musik tycker du om?
Leonard Cohen
Vilken är din favoritmat?
seafood, Italian and Thai cuisine
Vilka är dina favoritfilmer?
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Histoire d'O
The Bridges of Madison County
Eat Pray Love
The Shawshank Redemption
Sex and the City
Vilka är dina favoritaktiviteter eller hobbies?
I like to travel by car. I have a great desire to learn English
Vilket är ditt drömyrke?
I do not dream, I'm working. With pleasure would manage their own property.
Berätta för oss om din drömpartner.
High athletic man a few years older than me, decisive, strong, successful and caring, temperamental, sincere and frank.
Var vill du bo?
In the house on the shore of the warm sea.
Generally speaking, what is the difference? It's not "where" live, "with whom".
Tycker jag om trädgårdsarbete?
Har inget emot att hjälpa till
Tycker jag om att handla mat?
Jag tycker väldigt bra om det
Tycker jag om andra typer av shopping?
Jag har inget emot det
Tycker jag om att laga mat?
Jag lagar hellre mat än svälter
Hur ofta tycker jag om att gå ut?
En gång i veckan
Tycker jag om att äta ute?
Jag gillar det
När det gäller TV
Väljer en film
På partyn är jag
Det beror på. Är jag inbjuden?
Idealt skulle vara att bo i en
hus i förort
När det gäller pengar
Ej Angivet
Håller rent hemma
Det är inte perfekt men nära
Husdjur och jag:
Jag har Katter, Har inte men tycker om Hundar
Vilken typ av tv program tycker jag bäst om att titta på?
Natur/djurliv, Filmer, Lärorikt, Drama, Dokumentär, Action/Äventyr
Jag gillar att spendera min fritid
Krypa upp med en god bok, Äter lunch med en vän, Med familjen, Leker med mina husdjur, Shoppa, Besöker ett museum eller galleri, Gå en kurs, Sysslar med min hobby, Volontärarbete, Titta på TV eller se en film, Pilla navel, Ta en promenad, Tillsammans med mina vänner, I naturen
Aktiviteter som jag tycker om
Cykling, Åker båt/Seglar, Camping, Fjällvandra, Dans, Simmning, Promenader, Hästridning
Sporter som jag tycker om att titta på och/eller utöva
Bilracing, Bowling, Dykning
Underhållning som jag gillar
Barer/pubar, Konserter, Middagsbjudningar, Filmer, Museum/konst, Rockmusik, Läsning, Vinprovning
Andra hobbys eller intressen
Bilar, katter, motorcyklar, fotografera, shoppa, resa, yoga
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